Brick Repairs and Restoration

We’re a business run by a committed team of skilled craftsmen meaning we offer the highest quality brick restoration and repair services all over Hattiesburg, MS and surrounding areas.
Mississippi Brick Masonry is the best brick repairs department in Hattiesburg, MS and surrounding areas. We specialize in all brick repairs and replacing damaged bricks due to foundation settling, vehicle damage, plumbing repairs, and deterioration and restoring the structure to its original state. Our brick repairs and restoration need multiple details to make them both aesthetically pleasing and long lasting.

We repair all kinds of brickwork damages, restoring the structure’s original beauty!

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brick repairsAny type of brick repairs. From minor cracks in the brick wall covering to major structural damage,  Mississippi Brick Masonry are masters of masonry repair. We not only repair the damage but also restore the structure back to its original beauty. Our secret lies in precise mortar matching and staining that matches the surrounding area. We’ve perfected this process so well that the majority of our clients can’t even pinpoint where we’ve been and what we’ve done!

When it comes to repairs and restoration, we start by identifying the root cause of the damaged and consult with you to address the underlying issue. If the underlying issues are identified, we can repair or restore what you need. If you approve the estimate on the work that needs to be done, we will get started as soon as possible.

Minor repairs usually take less than a day or sometimes less than an hour, and we will tell you when each one is expected to start and when we plan on finishing the process.

Brick Repairs

If your building has masonry, you may notice cracks or spalling bricks, crumbling mortar, or discoloration of the chimney. These issues need professional repairs to restore the full functionality and appearance.

Brick Restoration

Restore the appearance and durability of your brick structure by brick restoration. The process includes brick and mortar repair, re-energizing the color of bricks and replacing loosen bricks. Masonry restoration and preservation is key to the life of a building.


Cracked Brickwork Repairs

Cracked brickworks not only unpleasant to look, it also affects the durability of your structure. It can be threatening if it will not be repaired. We have different methods for repairing cracks depending on their cause and location. First, we need to check if it is due to poorly-laid foundations, impact, corrosion, vibrations, and other factors. Once we identify that cause, we’ll choose the best method for the job and prevent pits or other damage in the future.


Mortar Repairs

Mortar pointing, referred to as ground level-re pointing, brick pointing, tuckpointing and is a process of replacing and repairs damaged crumbling mortar between bricks. The technique aims to stop moisture rising up through the bricks or mortar.

Brick Chimney and Fireplace Repairs

We are experienced in the repairs of chimneys and fireplaces. Usually, they develop problems caused by environmental factors, age, or use.The most common shortcomings seen within the fireplace are gaps in brickwork, cracks, and weak mortar (usually in the back), with water infiltration usually resulting smoking into the room.Outdoor chimneys are prone to leaking, staining, and leaning, while interior fireboxes are prone to mortar loss.

Brick Arch Repairs

Loose brick or cast stone above the arch can be quite dangerous, and Mississippi Brick Masonry has developed many repairs techniques that are very effective at preventing damage—even on the most difficult arch failures.Some arrangements might include changing the dimensions of the arch, reinforcing the cavity inside the arch for better structural support, or removing the arch in favor of a simple flat opening. Others might simply have lintels supporting weight above instead.

Brick Mailboxes Repairs

If you have a mailbox that has been destroyed or completely damaged, or your mailbox has been hit by a car, that mailbox is unlikely to be repaired. If your mailbox is not completely destroyed, only bricks missing or if your receptacle has rust on it might just need some minor repairs. If there is a chance of regrowth or re-assembly, then it’s probably more profitable and time-effective to repair the existing structure.

Commercial Masonry Repairs

One of the most important things a commercial owner can have is a professionally maintained building, a build that reflects a company’s image and professional success. That kind of image requires carefully considered repair decisions. Mississippi Brick Masonry can work closely with you or your designers to take care of virtually every aspect of masonry work, ensuring repairs look good and aren’t intrusive. View our full services here!

Brick Color Restoration

One of the main concerns of the building owner is the appearance of the bricks. Because brick and mortar are vulnerable to collecting excessive moisture, dirt, pollution and other contamination sources over time, deterioration can begin to take a toll on a building’s appearance from weather damage.In some cases, the bricks’ color may begin to fade before there are concerns with the structural integrity. Fortunately, brick color can be restored by pressure washing, cleaning and scrubbing the bricks to remove all contaminants. There are several methods a skilled brick restoration company can use that include using stains to ensure perfect color for all bricks.

Loose Bricks Restoration

Bricks often require restoration when they have become loose. In some instances, damaged or weakening bricks can no longer be restored and replacements will need to be made. We, as a brick restoration experts can remove a loose brick like this and replace it without compromising any of the other bricks around them.

Waterproofing Surfaces

Water damage is one of the biggest threats to brick and mortar. Bricks are porous which can easily absorb moisture that can reduce its durability over time. Water proofing can prevent damaging your bricks. We, as a brick restoration experts can ensure the bricks are not at risk of excessive water exposure by using water repellant and sealant.

Standard Brick Masonry Restoration

Masonry restoration can be complex, which is why experienced specialists are called for. Our team of qualified lead masons have successfully restored many buildings during their career, which has helped restore structural integrity and bring back the property’s original beauty. We only use materials of high-quality brands, and our proven process ensures that the final product delivers the best value to our customers.

Historic Brick Masonry Restoration

Even for historical buildings that are made to last, masonry materials can suffer damage due to improper maintenance, weather exposure, or accidentally harming these materials. If properly restored by a skilled professional, your building might last for decades before showing signs of structural failure. Historic building are properties that have reached a certain age. We offer historic masonry repairs and restorations on properties that needs special consideration because of their age and historical status.

Custom Made Masonry Repair and Restoration

We specialize in all types of masonry repairs and restoration. Whether you have a big or small problems about your custom made brick structure, Mississippi Brick Masonry can do any level of repairs and restoration. We are Hattiesburg, MS masonry contractors and we can also serve the surrounding areas. Check our other services to learn more!

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