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Need to build, repair or restore your fireplace and chimney? We’re here for you! With brick and stone services in Hattiesburg and surrounding areas, Mississippi Brick Masonry is the team you want calling. We are specialists in concrete, stone masonry and brick veneer construction and all brickwork projects.

We believe in dedication of honesty, hard work, and the old-fashioned quality of American craftsmanship. We provide installation, all the way to brick repair, and restoration.

Brick walls, stone townhomes, private gardens, pavers, interior architectural accents to custom built masonry – these are just some of the projects that are possible for homeowners through low-cost brick & stone masonry construction.

Mississippi Brick Masonry will set up a construction project to suit the needs of your home or business.

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fireplace and chimneyWe are the right team for your Fireplace and Chimney Installation, Repair or Restore

Mississippi Brick Masonry, serving the masonty industry for years in Hattiesburg, MS and surrounding areas.

We know how necessary it is to provide top-notch building, repair, or restoration services for chimneys or fireplaces. Thus, our goal is to deliver long-lasting value.

.Our team of highly skilled professionals, passionate about creating a remarkable home fireplace and chimney service experience.

Mississippi Brick Masonry aims to make you the best ovens, fireplaces, chimneys, and accessories. If you need to have your brick structure to be fixed, call us today.


Constructing a gas or wood-burning fireplace to your home made by brick or stone with a matching chimney structure is a good way to add some unique design while updating or remodeling.
From a towering river rock fireplace and hearth with a rustic wood mantle to a traditional brick rumford fireplace with a built-in wood box, it can be custom installed to emphasize any entrance, room, or exterior.


Do you need to restore an old brick fireplace or chimney, back to its original condition? We can make it back to its original look and make it functional again. Brick structure restoration is one of our expertise.


Over time, with many fires lit, your fireplace holds together through mortar. Eventually, cracks can form in the masonry holding it together and bricks or blocks might shift out of place.
Is your brick, stone or masonry chimney in need of repair and unsafe to use? Contact us!

Rumford Fireplace

They are tall and narrow, which means they can radiate more heat. Fires built in Rumford fireplaces have a streamlined throat that allows smoke to pass while retaining heat from the house.

Outdoor Fireplace and Chimney

Outdoor chimney and fireplace are common. People like the coziness of a burning fire when there is company. It feels natural and rewarding to relax and laugh with and around one another around a stove and hearth. On cool evenings people may want to go inside before they feel cold, or before mosquitos threaten them. Portable fire pits can function well in these contexts, though, functions such as cooking marshmallows for friends or repelling insects at dusk should be achieved through temporary stoves such as this rather than permanent hearths.


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