Concrete Block Masonry

Mississippi Brick Masonry contractors consistently install the cleanest and finest craftsmanship possible on any size of concrete block, regardless of its style.
Concrete block have been reclaimed as a viable building material for more than a century. In some regions, concrete masonry units are also commonly laid as dwellings or masonries of buildings.
Concrete block are made up of different materials, including portland cement, other building materials like stone or quartz, and water. Often you’ll see concrete block homes with an exterior finish other than what is pictured if it’s not really a concrete block construction job.

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concrete block masonryMississippi Brick Masonry’s many services such as brickwork, our concrete block masons are well-versed in the placement, consolidation, finishing, edging, jointing, curing and protection of concrete for both residential and commercial purposes. We can build or repair your driveway, walkway, foundation, flatwork or any concrete work including fireplace and chimney or even home remodeling.
The only way to make sure your home won’t only look great, but it also be structurally sound and last a long time is to hire us.
We are well-staffed and equipped to handle commercial and residential projects of any scope and size. Our fully-skilled and experienced professionals create dream homes that come true. So if you want an idea for your dream house to become a material reality, we’re the professionals for the job.

Precast Concrete Masonry Blocks

This concrete block are manufactured by vibrating a wet concrete mixture into metal molds. The mold is then cooled and reused on a rack, so new sheets can be created as fast as 1000 per hour. After the concrete is heated to a specific majority moisture levels, the dried chunks are bundled in crates for shipping to the construction site.

Deciding on Concrete Block Construction

If steel-reinforcing bar and wet concrete are being placed correctly in the cores, concrete block homes will be durable. They usually don’t need a lot of care, or extensive repairs for a long time. On the other hand, homes made from wood require more work because houses must be built much more slowly to avoid problems with pests and the changing seasons


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